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NAME...: Turbo.Samples.Modern.Tech.House.MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL
RLS#...: 4710
TYPE...: Samples/Presets
DATE...: 4 Jan 2022
SiZE...: 10 x 50MB

══ RELEASE iNFO ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════

'Modern Tech House' by Turbo Samples provides you with a fresh set of sounds
that have conquered the modern tech house scene and listeners around the
world. This set is a mix of tech house and bass house sounds. Good all-around
Tech House/ EDM set with all the parts you would need. If you like and you
make music like FISHER (OZ) , Chris Lake, Chapter & Verse, DONT BLINK, Fab
Massimo, LOW CEILING then this sample pack is undoubtedly for you.

In this set, you will find powerful sub bass loops with feel bass in your
face. These basses will give power to your track and will always keep you
moving on a big dance floor or a small club. For ease of use, the basses is
presented in two versions: with SC / no SC. Also for flexibility and
convenience, you will find midi files to make your own bass loops.

Our heavy and at the same time bright synth loops with a bass house and EDM
atmosphere will never leave anyone indifferent on any dance floor. Just drag
them into your new project and you will immediately get an unforgettable rave
atmosphere. Synth loops are also available in two versions with corresponding
midi files.

In our sample pack, you will find a large number of drum loops for the modern
style. You can take a full loop for a quick start or make your own from a
large number because we have recorded full versions of drum loops and all the
elements separately for your flexibility and creativity.

We've added some vocal loops to the pack to give your next track a finished
look. You can take a pre-made loop or cut and glue a few to add a twist or
hook for your next track. All vocal loops and vocal FX are BPM and key labeled.

Sound FX and drum fill are very important for the transition. Use our twisted
fills and unusual effects for the transitions between parts of the track so
that the atmosphere of the drive does not disappear for a second.

Product Details:
42 Bass Loops
21 Bass Loops MIDI
32 Drum Fills
146 Drum Loops
37 SFX
45 Synth Loops
22 Synth Loops MIDI
15 Vocal FX
22 Vocal Loops
8 Claps
7 Crashes
25 Hats
12 Kicks
22 Percussions
13 Snares

══ iNSTALL NOTES ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════

1. Extract.
2. Enjoy.
3. Support the developer!!!

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